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Recommended Music Apps

“ Learning music has to evolve to keep up with an ever- evolving and technological world”

8. Bass Cat                    

- Great app for learning bass clef (left hand) notation.


1. - Music Tutor

2. - Flash Note Derby

3. - Note Squish

4. - Guitar Toolkit

5. - Piano Maestro 

6. - Dust Buster 2

7. - Treble Cat   


8. - Bass Cat 

9. - Piano Master

10. - Tenuto

We often get asked about which apps are useful alongside our lessons. 

Here are our top ten tried and tested music apps:

Here are more detailed descriptions and videos of the apps selected above:

1. Music Tutor

- Music Tutor is a free app that improves note identification one note at a time. The  app has timed exercises to help you improve your reading speed, let’s you review  your test results to show you what you missed, and keep track of your progress.

2. Flashnote Derby

Here is a demonstration video:


3. Note Squish

Here is a demonstration video:

4. Guitar Toolkit

- Guitar toolkit is a paid app but well worth the £2.49. Not only does it have a superb tuner, but it has a massive library of every scale and chord you can imagine. It has a chord finder too, so you can ask it  “what chord is this” and it will find the answer! Highly recommended.


5. Piano Maestro 

- An amazing interactive piano app that allows you to play the piano with it and even picks up the sound of your acoustic piano as you play along, following the instructions on screen, giving you a score for accuracy. 

6. Dust Buster 2

- Another interactive app which works alongside your piano/ keyboard. Does much the same as Piano Maestro with some slight differences and fun features.

7. Treble Cat                      

- Great app for learning treble clef (right hand) notation

9. Piano Master

- This is a great app, suitable for younger children with simple melodys to play following the guide and using the iPad's piano keyboard on screen.

10. Tenuto

- Tenuto is an iPhone app that will help you to become more musical. It’s made up of 24 exercises covering everything from chord recognition and interval ear training to scale construction. You can use it offline and on the iPad to learn . You can also do their challenge mode where you can test yourself on different topics. It’s a firm favourite of our teachers and students. 

For only £3.99 it’s very good value and will improve your music theory knowledge. 

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