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Newspaper, Media Features and Charity Work

“Good news is meant to be shared!”

At Southport Piano / Music Academy we love to be involved in what’s happening in our community. We have been heavily involved in raising money for local people in need through our concerts or charitable donations.  We also love to take children to entertain at various care/ nursing homes in the area, the Queenscourt hospice and local outdoor events.


We have raised money for a Southport man who needed a prosthetic leg, for a young girl’s life-saving costly medical treatment, teenage cancer counselling as well as donated to local businesses and schools through monetary donations and raffle prizes.


This has attracted the attention of the Southport local media & radio as well as the North West online news and The Liverpool Echo.


We are so proud of the children and teens who have made such a difference in many lives so far! Here are just some of our newspaper and media articles:

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