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Meet Freddie Our Mascot




Frederic (Freddie for short) exists because we wanted a mascot to come to our concerts to encourage children to play with more confidence. Freddie is a familiar, friendly face for the students to see at the front; making it less daunting.


Frederic was named by one of the piano students after we ran a competition to name our bear. He is named after Frederic Chopin, one of the great composers.


In between concerts Frederic travels around all the student's homes encouraging practice. He has his own practice journal which he takes to each house he visits to monitor how much practice is achieved.


Freddie loves his job and enjoys hearing the students play! He has very good listening skills and has been known to jump on the piano when staccato is played or fall asleep during a lullaby! Frederic carries his own ID, in the form of a birth certificate, with him to the students’ homes. Frederic is always smartly dressed in his black and white suit with a red bow tie. 


Southport Piano Academy students absolutely love Freddie the bear and the whole concept and have even taken him to Dunes Splash World, to school and to grandparents’ houses.


Freddie has recently won the prestigious award and title of ‘Best Piano Bear in Sefton’.


Freddie awards his own practice certificates to the students he feels that have done particularly well with their practice.


Below are page samples taken from Frederic’s Piano Journal and Freddie's Piano Award:




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