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Here are just a few video clips of some Of our students playing. There are many more on Our Facebook Page which has almost 5,000 followers. We also have a YouTube channel,

Novelette in E Minor (Grade 8) - Brooke

Bohemian Rhapsody - Ben

My Heart Will Go On - Colleen

Stitches - Hannah

Someone Like You - Sophie

Over The Rainbow - Josh

Part of Your World - Oliver

Strange Things Happen - Charlotte

Let it Go Frozen - Issy

Little Things - Issy

Slipping Through My Fingers Duet - Issy & Teacher

River Flows in You - Colleen

Classical Grade 3 - Lauren

End Game - Isabelle

Firework - Issy

Moody Prawn Blues - Hannah

Stay With Me - Sophie

Stormy Coast - Hannah

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - Shane

Silent Night - Josh


Christmas 2020 YouTube Concert


The Entertainer - Joseph (Age 9)


Lockdown 2020 YouTube Concert

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