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Adult Lessons

“ FACT: 20% of children learn to play music , 70% of adults wish they had. “

"I've met many adults who regret quitting music lessons, but none who regret sticking at it"

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At Southport Piano / Music Academy we not only teach children, we have quite a number of adult learners and these lessons are becoming increasingly popular. Please see adult lesson reviews and photos by scrolling down. 

Some quotes from our adult learners:

“it’s been something I have been wanting to do for a long time”....

”Lessons are interesting and fun!”

"I can now play songs such as ‘Kiss from a rose’..."

“singing lessons have helped me bring my voice out more” ..

“have passed my Grade 5!” ...

“as well as instruction there is aways laughter during our lessons“


For full reviews and photos scroll down.

We offer 1-1 lessons for adults in the daytime, or evening, at any of our private teachers’ studios or mobile; in the comfort of your own home. We can also help you to source the instrument of your choice if you don’t have one of your own. 


We find that some adults have previously learnt as children and want to recap and progress with their playing. Others just fancy a totally new pursuit as an adult. Some never had the opportunity to learn piano or another instrument as a child, while others just want to take on a new relaxing, enriching hobby after retirement or just do something for themselves when the children are at school. 


If you have never quite finished your graded exams when younger and would love the challenge of picking up where you left off and finally getting your Grade 8 or diploma, that’s also something we would be delighted to help with. 


Perhaps you have always enjoyed singing and just want a little voice coaching to help with your Karaoke performances, or perhaps you are a seasoned performer who would like advanced vocal coaching.


Some learners would rather play or sing for pleasure, with no exams. Whatever the situation is, we can work with you. 


Did you also know that learning and creating music is very good for mental health? The list of benefits is endless which is why we say music should be in everyone’s lives. 

Music can actually boost the immune system as well as self-esteem and confidence. It can be used to relax, to lift our mood, or to improve concentration and exercise the brain, aiding with cognitive function and memory. Music can also be used to help with insomnia; helping to encourage and induce a deeper night’s sleep. It can help with stress, taking us away from our busy lives, relaxing us and also is an outlet to express emotion through playing and making music. 


We have a very friendly adult teaching team who specialise in teaching our adults: 


Glenn: Glenn teaches piano and classical organ to adults and can come to your home. He covers all areas from Tarleton, Ormskirk, Southport & through to Formby. Glenn is very patient and encouraging and specialises in teaching adults to read and play music. He has been teaching adults for sometime and has built up a lovely group of adult learners so far.


Stewart: Stewart would love to help you with your singing, which is his passion - he teaches beginners and advanced vocal coaching and can come to your home. He can bring a keyboard to accompany you. He will inject some humour into your lessons and can teach any genre of music. Stewart also teaches classical piano up to diploma level.

Joe Blooms.jpeg

Joe: Joe can teach you advanced piano in his home. He is perfect for adults who may have had piano lessons when younger and want to progress their skills.

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Chris & Susan:

Chris & Susan can teach you ukelele from their home studio. They are a lovely couple who will welcome you into their home and be sure to put the kettle on!

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Craig: Craig is a professional jazz pianist who can teach piano to adults from his music studio in Banks and also does some mobile lessons.

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Claire: Claire can teach you piano in a very relaxed environment from her home studio, in Churchtown. Claire has a beautiful digital baby grand piano for you to try. You can have a little chat too! 

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Jon: Jon would be delighted to teach you keyboard and improvisation from his home studio in Southport. He can also accompany you on piano for singing fun and will put the kettle on too! 

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Matthew: Matthew can teach you how to play the drums in our Churchtown studio. He also can teach you to beatbox, being ranked at No. 7 in the country!


Ian: Ian is a pianist, organist & clarinetist who can teach you from his home in Hillside.

We have a wealth of well known music (from every era!) which we can bring to teach you. We have an extensive library of popular adult piano music as well as musical & film themes, pop songs and classical favourites - so there really is something for everyone - from Frank Sinatra to Ed Sheeran, Beethoven to Einaudi, The Sound of Music to La La Land - or what about even learning a loved one’s favourite piece to play for them as a surprise for an occasion? We also supply gift cards for music lessons if you think a course of music lessons would suit somebody!

We have a range of teaching aids we have created to help our adult students, including large stave diagrams, practice incentive charts, self review charts, music theory worksheets and quizzes.


Here are some examples:


I learnt piano as a child and decided to pick it up again with Claire after studying ‘business’ at college . I have found it so rewarding and have just got my Grade 5 !" - Charlotte

“I have enjoyed singing all my life since I sang in the school choir as a young boy . Now with a young child and in my 30s, I decided to have lessons with Stewart. He has taught me how to breathe correctly and bring out my voice a lot more. He has also helped me with pronunciation in Italian songs too.“ - M. L Matas

"As a beekeeper and keen gardener I have a very full Spring and Summer. Three years ago at the beginning of Autumn I decided to try out a piano lesson with Southport Piano Academy. Their mobile teacher, Glenn Howard, came to my home and taught the first lesson. Glenn is a polite, encouraging, focussed and professional teacher. He is knowledgable and talented. He has the patience of a saint. Two other friends have also taken up piano with Glenn and I know that he tailors the lessons to our individual interests and abilities. In three years I’ve gone from simple 5-finger music to a full piano score of Farewell to Stromness. Our lessons are interesting and fun. As well as instruction there is always some laughter during our lessons. If you are thinking of learning to play the piano I can recommend Southport Piano Academy to you." - Sue

“I have been having piano lessons with Claire, with an aim to just learn some beautiful pieces and popular songs. I had piano lessons growing up but never learnt how chords are formed to play pop music as had classical lessons, so it has been really helpful. I can now play songs like Seal’s ‘ Kiss from a Rose’ and ‘ A thousand years” from ‘Twilight’ - Emma

“I’ve had my first half hour piano lesson with Dominic. I enjoyed it so much it was over in a flash! It’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.” - Jennifer

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